Then you open the cage and pull me out. i’m quite stiff from the night in such a position.

You pull me by my lead and lead me through to your desk. On the floor is the iron block from the other day. You stand me over it and lock my ankle cuffs to it, stopping me from moving. You also pull my hands behind my back and attach a chain through my wrist cuffs and pull my wrists up behind my back and secure the chain to the rear d ring on my collar.

Then to my surprise you begin by unlocking my cock from it’s cage. Thoughts run through my head of what You’ll do with me. Should i even begin to think that You may suck my cock!  anyway, on release of the cage my penis springs out and goes to full erection . it feels like my cock has been locked up for a lot more than 2 days. The feeling of having it released is amazing. i try to look down but it’s quite difficult with the thick collar on and the chain pulling my head back.  i can manage to see however that my cock is rock hard and pre-cum is oozing out the end.

“oh that’s a bit messy isn’t it!” and with that You put Your tongue to the end of my penis and lick the pre-cum off. Only just touching my penis. It’s such a tease. You circle your tongue over the bell end and then open Your mouth and swallow my cock deep. It feels amazing to have my cock in Your mouth, i’m so lucky to be owned by You.

Just then You bring Your mouth off my cock with a last suck. And come up to my head height.

“thought you’d get a full blow job did you?” You ask.

“no Miss! Well, miss, i could only dream of that. i am grateful for everything from You Miss! i love You and adore You Miss!”

With that You slap my penis hard. First one way then the other.

The pain is quite intense.

“yes Miss! i am grateful for the pain You give me too Miss!

“good slave”

You suck my cock again for what seems like 10 seconds and then pull away.

“I have some work to do” “ don’t move and don’t make a sound! Understood?”

“yes Miss!”

You move to the chair at Your desk and begin doing what looks like work for school.

i am left there beside you chained to the floor and collared with my hands tied behind my back. my cock erect.

After 10 minutes of standing there my cock begins to soften.

Whack! Your hand slaps my cock . ouch ! the pain. As instructed i say nothing and make no noise.Whack! again. now my cock is becoming fully erect again from the slapping.

i stand there for about an hour while You work, every now and again going to the kitchen for a drink or something, then returning and every now and again slapping my cock or should  I say Your cock.

after another 30 minutes You turn off Your computer and bend down to unlock my ankle cuffs. With the lead attached to the front d ring you lead me into the lounge. You lay back on the settee. Pulling at the lead i get the idea what You want from me. Once again i am kneeling at Your feet. Your right foot comes up to my face and You tell me to lick and kiss Your feet and suck Your toes. i don’t need telling twice. i adore your feet and toes. inhaling the lovely smell of Your beautiful feet my penis gets instantly hard. i softly kiss and lick your feet and gently suck each and everyone of Your delicious toes.

“don’t leave out the other one” You say as you bring Your left foot up to my face.

“no Miss!” I reply and begin by smelling and kissing and licking Your other foot.


After such a long time of being erect and not getting any relief my cock is really starting to hurt. It feels so hard. The more i think about being owned by You and being Your slave the harder my cock seems to get.


“that’s enough foot worship!” “I think my pussy would like some attention now slave!”

“oh yes Miss! it would be my pleasure!” i reply.

“mmm! I can see you’re getting a bit too much pleasure slave. maybe you’re due for some more punishment slave!”

“yes Miss! what ever You desire my Godess!”

“oh ! I like that slave! I am your Godess and you are my pathetic little slave!”

“yes Miss!”

With that you reach forward and grab hold of one of my nipples and squeeze it and pull it. the pain is excrutiating.

“now get licking!!!!!! NOW!”

“yes miss!”

And with that i begin to gently kiss Your outer pussy lips, smelling Your sexual juices. You taste so good. i can feel Your pussy juice on my lips. i lick You gently and softly, carefully opening up Your outer pussy lips. You smell amazing. it’s so arousing to be kneeling below You and to be owned by You and to have the honour of giving You oral pleasure. Whenever i am giving You head i always feel that i don’t want to be anywhere else.

You open Your legs more and place Your feet on my back for Your comfort. i’m still in my collar and still have my hands cuffed and chained behind my back. It’s a little uncomfortable but i really don’t mind. The fact that You have aloud me to give You oral pleasure more than makes up for any pain or discomfort.

As i continue to kiss and lick Your pussy i look up and see You occasionally look down at me. You have a little smile on Your face. i’m not sure what it means. it looks like You’re really enjoying having me as Your slave. i really hope it. i really want to be a good slave for You and to give You all the pleasure i possibly can.

i lose track of time as i am enjoying tonguing You so much but after a while You start to shudder and i know Your coming. It’s such a turn on to bring You to orgasm. As You do come there’s just so much of Your delicious pussy juice all over my face. i love it. i love You !

after lying back for some minutes You lean forward and release me from all my cuffs, chains and finally my collar.

i’m just starting to wonder what You have in store for me next when You say the words “goodbye slave! Hello Stuart!”


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stop being your slave or not at that point. On one hand it was so wonderful to be your slave for so many reasons but, well, now I was back to being Stuart , there was really only one thing I really wanted to do and felt I could do.

I lent forward and ,ever so softly kissed you on the lips. our lips joined like they were one. Both of us naked and already smelling of sex we held each other so close I thought we would squeeze each other to death. Kissing and cuddling and stroking each other. I couldn’t get enough of you. I was feeling like I wanted to almost become one with you.

i picked you up and carried you to the bed and gently lay you down. I looked down at you and you looked up at me, our eyes holding each others gaze and seeing really just how much we love each other. Again I came to your lips and softly kissed you. It’s always so good to kiss you but right now it was like electricity was passing between us. There wasn’t anywhere else I wanted to be right now but here, in your bed, with you and in each others arms making love.

Holding each other and kissing you and stroking you over and over feels so good.

I kiss your lips, your cheek , your neck , gently biting your neck too, kissing your wonderful breasts and then stomach and down to your incredibly wet pussy. the smell of your recent orgasm and all your juices was amazing. kissing down the inside of one leg and then the other , kissing your beautiful feet and sucking each and everyone of your lovely toes. then I grab your legs and push them open wide. And come up so that I’m again looking straight into your eyes. My rock hard penis is gently touching the outer lips of your deliciously wet pussy. stroking up and down your slit, teasing both of us. I can feel your hips trying to make my cock enter you. A few more teasing strokes and I can’t hold back and very slowly my hard penis enters you. After days of being teased the feeling of entering your beautiful pussy is incredible. As my cock slowly enters you we look into each others eyes. “I love You Beth!” I say “I love You Stuart!” you reply.

The feeling is so amazing having my penis inside you and looking into your eyes and seeing the love you have for me as I slowly push my cock deep inside you and slowly pull myself almost out of you. Just as it seems like I’m about to pull my penis all the way out of you give me a look almost of panic that you really want me to be back inside you.

It’s such a sweet look . it’s such a wonderful feeling as I re-enter you again ever so slowly and deep.

After so long being teased and with feeling so good now it’s hard to hold back. I begin to thrust my hips harder and faster my cock thrusts in and out in and out. your eyes widen and I can see you’re close to coming too. I hold you tight, so very very tight while my penis enters you again and again. our sweat mingles together. I start to come. The feeling of me coming makes you come which makes my orgasm even stronger. I can feel my cock pulsate and the come being pumped from my cock deep inside you.  As I come and push my cock deeper and deeper inside you I feel your orgasm deepen too.

We hold each other as our orgasm subsides. We hold each other tight.

It feels so wonderful to make love with you.


Several minutes later we’re back from the bathroom and we’ve got a nice glass of red wine each. We sit up in bed and we start chatting about things.

“by the way” you start by saying “don’t think that that’s the end of your slave sessions. I could get used to having you as my slave a bit more often. But for now I wanted to make love with you and sleep with you tonight as normal”

“sounds good to me baby!” I reply “ what ever you want. Your pleasure is mine” I add.

“hey! Your not my slave now you know”

“no! I know that” I reply “ but it doesn’t stop the fact that I love to give you pleasure and seeing you get pleasure gives me pleasure.

“I love you Beth!”