My life Philosophy

  • You Only Get One Life,
  • Do What Makes You Happy, and  Spend Time With Those Who Make You Smile.
  • If You’re Not Happy, Do Something About It.
  • If Your Friends Don’t Have Time For You, Find New Ones.
  • If You Want Something Go And Get It, What’s Stopping You?
  • Life Is Shorter Than You Think, Dont Wonder Or Have Fear Because Your Going To Be Dead Anyway SoThere Is Nothing To Worry About . Go For It,you Cannot Loose
  • You Don’t Know If You Dont Try.
  • Always Follow Your Heart. Have No Regrets.
  • Some Opportunities Only Come Once In A Lifetime, Seize Them.
  • Try to not  dwell On Your Past Mistakes.
  • Accept The Things In Life You Can’t Change.
  • Try Not To Care What Other People Think Of You.
  • Don’t Compare The Gains Or Fortunes Of Others With Yours.
  • Always Give 100% In Everything You Do.
  • Have Dreams And Aspirations. .love & Stop Over Analysing Just Be
  • Surround Yourself With The Ones You Love And The Things You Enjoy Doing.
  • Smile At Others And Laugh As Often As You Can.
  • Forgive Quickly, Embrace Change, Travel Often.
  • Dont Be Afraid To Fail. Try New Things. Life Is Short
  • Take Risks Face Your Fears.
  • Decide What You Want N Life And Go For It.
  • Don’t Wait For Things To Happen, Make Them Happen.
  • Life Is One Big Adventure, You Only Get One, So Make It As Good And Happy As Possible.
  • Make Your Own Luck

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