I’m locked in my chastity cage. It’s a plastic tube that holds my cock that is attached to plastic ring that encircles the cock and balls. It’s there to prevent me getting an erection and ejaculating. It works! My Domme and lover Beth told me to wear it this evening. It wasn’t always like this. Beth, my girlfriend, lover and now Domme wasn’t into the s/M thing for years until after years of pleading with her and introducing the idea to her time and time again she finally accepted the position of superior in our relationship.

It’s hard to describe why I want this. I’m quite controlling in my life. Some would say O.C.D. I also find it hard to make decisions. Being the slave frees me up from all of that. My only task in to obey her every wish.

I’ve been to a Dominatrix before but as nice as it was there was something missing. I’ve also had previous girlfriends that have, some with more some with less enthusiasm, played the Domme role. The thing with Beth is I trust her 100%. I love her deeply too. It makes all the difference. I can trust her not to take me too far. I can trust her not to really hurt me too much. Not to suffocate me for too long but just enough. Loving her 100% also gives me the desire to pleasure her more.

With my plastic cock cage on my freshly shaven penis and balls I am on my knees at her feet. She is casually sitting on the sofa naked reading a book. She’s beautiful from her wonderful hair on her head to her delicious toes on her lovely feet.

“Foot stool” she commands. I know what it means and I position myself in front of her so that she can rest her legs on my back. Every little demeaning thing like this seems to arouse me. My penis fills the plastic tube, desperately searching for an exit but to no avail. She continues to read her book. Minutes pass. The discomfort I feel only feeds my arousal. After what seems like 25 minutes or so my Mistress gets up. Leaving the room and returning with some equipment.

Straight away I’m put in a collar and lead. This is connected to handcuffs which are placed around my wrists behind my back. The lead is the perfect length to make it a little uncomfortable and harder to breathe. I’m lead to a gym bench towards the corner of the room. I’m positioned face down with my plastic cock cage dangling of one end. My ankles are fixed to the benches legs which are short and so make my arse stick out more.

My neck is the tied to the front end of the bench. Suffice to say I can’t move. Leaving me in this position for a few minutes as she gets more equipment I wonder what my beautiful Mistress has in store for me. I soon realise as what I recognise as a horse whip strokes against my buttocks. With little soft pats against my arse I know I’m not getting away that easy. She’ll be starting off nice and slow and building up the tension and, eventually, the pain. Sure enough after many strokes of the whip the pats have turned to heavier strikes against my arse so hard that I’m making too much noise for Mistress. “I think we’ll have to silence you up a little”. With that She leaves me for a minute and on her return fits me with a rubber gag. It has a rubber breath tube about a foot long which can be easily pinched to stop air flow. It’s not the first time Mistress has used it on me. On a previous “session” She had quickly realised I could breathe out the side of the gag making her attempts to control my breath pointless. This was no good so since then, and it seemed this time was no exception, a plastic bag was used. The bag was made of quite a thick see through plastic that had a hole in it. The tube of the gag would fit though the hole and the bag would be put over my head. A collar would seal it nice and tight.

Now with my gag on I was unable to annoy my Mistress with my pathetic whimpers of pain. Mistress continues with the whipping to my arse, my cries were now very muffled by the gag. After several minutes of whipping Mistress held the breathe tube and slowly pinched bit by bit to reduce my air supply. She always knows exactly how far to take me.

With the mixture of the pain, while being in bondage and having my breath controlled by my beautiful Mistress my penis was busting to get out of it’s cage.

“would you like your treat now slave?” asked my Mistress.

I attempted to nod and give out a grunt that let her know that meant yes.

Removing the plastic bag from my head and the gag, Mistress positioned her beautiful naked shaved pussy in front of my lips. With millimetres between me and her delicious shaved pussy I could smell her juices, hell I could see her juices. I knew she loved me and I knew that these days She loved having me as Her slave. She moved all the way closer so her full wet pussy lips were on my lips and commanded me to service her. I wasted no time and licked and lapped up her sexual juices drinking them down  with gusto. Several whips to my arse helped to further put me in my place and as a consequence my cock was on the brink of exploding. I was loving every second of being dominated be my beautiful Mistress and love. Minutes later Mistress came with shudders and moans of pleasure.

“well done slave” She said.

Mistress got up and went into the other room. After what seemed like 10 minutes or so she was back. I was released from my cuffs and untied from the bench. On all fours I was lead through to the bathroom. Mistress sits on the toilet in front of me. “you know what to do slave” she commanded. I did know what to do and I moved closer and put my chin on and over the toilet seat in between Mistress’s legs. Within second she started to pee. Extending my tongue I begin to taste Her urine. She tilts her hips forward to angle her pee more into my mouth. “drink it slave” she commands, which I do eagerly.

After finishing I clean the remnants of her urine from her delicious pussy.

Then , as usual after she has finished on the toilet she orders me to flush and clean the toilet. I mention that I need the toilet too and She reminds me of the rules. “yes, of coarse Mistress!” I reply. I’m never to use the seat on the toilet. That is purely for Mistress. I have to sit on the cold porcelain. After I am to leave the toilet spotless.

Mistress leaves and after I’ve finished my duties I crawl on all fours back to the living room where she is back laying on the sofa. “glass of wine slave!” she commands and I obey crawling to the kitchen and returning with her wine and then revert back to my default kneeling position.

“I feel like having my toes sucked slave.” Mistress says and presents her left foot to me. Cradling her foot in my hands I begin to suck her beautiful toes starting from big to small putting my tongue in between the toes and smelling them too. They smell amazing. She then thrusts her right foot in my face and I repeat the same thing with that foot. My penis, again is trying it’s hardest (hardest being the appropriate word) to escape from it’s plastic cage. A large string of pre-cum is dripping from the hole in the end of my cock cage and Mistress spots it. Using her big toe on her left foot she scoops up the pre-cum and offers it to me. I never disobey my Mistress and eagerly suck my pre-cum off her beautiful big toe.


“that will be all slave” she says and I revert back to kneeling in front of her while she lays back on the sofa.

Just then the doorbell goes. “ah that must be John” Mistress comments. “get that please slave!” she says. On all fours I head for the front door where I put on my black robe, stand and answer the door. Sure enough it’s John. John is an old friend of Beth’s and they both still enjoy being intimate together. John is actually very attractive. He’s about 6’ tall with very short dark hair. Clean shaven and the fittest body I’ve seen in a long time.

“take my coat slave!” says John. Which I do. Mistress has ordered me to take orders from John also and as with Mistress, when we’re in private I’m to address him as Master. Not only do I not have a problem with it, I actually find it very arousing. I’m bisexual but am quite picky when it comes to men. With John there’s no problem. I find him very sexually attractive.

John kicks off his shoes and takes off his socks which he leave by the door. I know what I’m to do and I pick them up and put them on the rack. I have a little smell of them too. They smell masculine and wonderful.

Back on all fours I crawl to the living room once again. John asks me to get him some wine and I do so. Master and Mistress are on the sofa together chatting while I’m kneeling at their feet. A few minute later and they’re kissing. A few more minutes and Master is naked and they’re all over each other . it’s so arousing to watch and my cock has never been harder.

“Lay on the floor slave!” commands Mistress. I do as commanded and I also place a pillow under my head to lift I up as I know what’s coming next. Mistress  straddles over my face so I can lick her clit. Then Master comes from behind Mistress and slowly takes her from behind. It’s incredible to watch as firstly his massive hard cock touches her dripping wet pussy and her pussy lips open up to him. His huge shaft slowly but surely penetrating her. I can smell them both as his shaft slides past my nose as I’m sucking Mistress’s clit. Up to the hilt inside Mistress and Masters balls are right over my face. He stops for a brief moment while he’s deep inside Mistress. I continue to suck and flick Mistress’s clit with pleasure. Her sexual juices are abundant and I drink them in tasting and smelling the sexual aroma from them both.

Mistress is breathing heavier and heavier and I can tell she’s close to coming. Her pussy starts to pulse and her orgasm arrives. Masters orgasm is brought on by hers and they both cum together while I’m underneath them both enjoying the smells and taste of them both with my cock ever more struggling for release.

Masters cock pulsates and I can feel his cum pumping into my wonderful Mistress.

A minute later he pulls his slowly softening cock and leaves Mistress’s enlarged pussy lips just for me.

“Clean me up slave!”. “yes Mistress” I reply.

With that Mistress gives a small push and the combined sexual cum juices of Mistress and Master are fed to me. I drink them up with pleasure. The mixture of their cum tastes amazing. I clean Mistress’s pussy of every drop of cum and juice and Mistress climbs off me.

“My turn for a clean up “ says Master and I get back on all fours to clean up Masters cock. His cock is almost soft now which makes it easier for me to put it all in my mouth and clean it easier.

Master and Mistress return to their wine on the sofa and I return to my place kneeling at their feet.

“Are you going to allow slave to come tonight?” Master asks Mistress.

“I haven’t decided yet. What do you think slave?” says Mistress.

“I would love to come Mistress but you own my penis so it’s not for me to say” I reply.

“Well done slave! I like that you know that I am the owner of you pathetic penis” says Mistress. “nevertheless, you will not be coming tonight”

“Yes , Mistress! Thank you Mistress!” I reply.

With that Mistress leads me to the bedroom and to my cage. She orders me inside and I obey of course. My cage is essentially my bed. On some occasions when Mistress wants I have the pleasure of sleeping with her but generally my cage is where I sleep. It is a large dog cage with a plastic floor and metal cage over the top. It has a water feed bottle like that if a gerbil or rabbit cage.

My lead is removed and I am cuffed. The door to the cage is then padlocked shut.

“good night slave!” says Mistress. “good night Mistress” I reply.

Mistress returns to Master where I can hear them enjoying more wine and chatting.

About half an hour later they enter the bedroom and climb into bed. It’s not long before they are making love. It’s so arousing to watch them having sex. My cock again is filling my plastic cock cage. About half an hour later they’re both cumming and laying together and then falling asleep. It’s not that easy for me to fall asleep in the small cage but eventually I drift off.

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