My 1st Gay experience/Sensual Massage

My  1st Sensual massage,

This a true story,

suffice to say I was born very sexual as I was masturbating from age 3.


Now jumping to age  18  and with no  internet at all , no gay chat apps  around back then  and being gay or bi was frowned upon by comparison to the liberal attitude today  . Regardless of that had been thinking about having a guy touching  me all my life. I had very tentative exciting experience earlier in life with a school friend but that’s another story .

With a high sex drive all my life and wanking and edging every day I was one horny teen . I was amazed I had not stroked my cock away by now  .

FYI  every time I went down the gym or swimming , while in the the changing rooms  I could smell a combination of sweet fresh sweat and what  seemed like small amounts of cum smells . I felt a certain confusion back then as to why I was thinking these  crazy  thoughts  as I also liked the smell of women too ,so I thought I was a bit odd but nobody to speak to about it back then   .Trust me , being bisexual was  very confusing indeed back then.

Regardless of my confusion, I wondered what it would be like to have a guy touch me all over . I felt I should not feel this way , I felt very guilty back then.  However I am age 49 now  and  I had these strong relentless  fantasies right back to when I was at least age 5 where I saw in a very vivid dream a guy or maybe it was myself having what looked like or felt like some weights attached to genitals. Just like in  some bondage films  or bondage  session, very kinky and detailed  . Well this made no sense to me back then since 1 there were only 3 TV channels and 2 no porn what so ever. My parents were quite conservative so I had zero exposure to anything sexual. I have no clue how these images got in to my mind. Maybe past life if that  exists or maybe I was mentally tuning in on / picking up on another next door neighbour’s brain waves and he was doing some ball stretching  at the time LOL ! . I will never know but the images were extremely vivid. Only at age 25 did I ever see such graphical porn that resembled it.

I digress , but it gives you an idea of my mind and me and how bizarre the world seemed to me at that time  .I was very horny so early.

I also fantasised in my teens what it would be like to suck  cock, of course I had tasted my own cum, however  my upbringing told me it was way too  dirty to consider . This made no real sense since what’s the difference between licking pussy or sucking cock . Just as dirty  and or juicy and  as creamy ! sorry to gross  out pure gays guys reading this LOL!

Well finally at age 18 I plucked up the courage to go and have a sensual massage . It was advertised in the local evening echo paper. It said” Swedish massage by male for males” , he was age 25. It Sounded  very exciting.

It took me weeks to get the courage to call . Eventually I phoned him up and I was so nervous I could hardly speak to him I was stuttering so much  . He explained some basic details which sounded very vague but hinted at something a bit more than a standard massage, since  he said it was a sort of Tantric type of massage , what ever that was ?.  I booked the next  day .What the heck I was excited and horny to be touched. It might be a waste of money. what the heck !

I rang the bell of his door and he answered. He was dressed in white to look all medical and doctor like. He asked me some medical questions etc. Then he said to take my clothes off down to my under pants and lay on the massage couch and he would start the treatment . I took my clothes off . and left my  pants on which was good   as i was a bit shy  He was clothed. He then  started massaging my body. His hands gliding down my back as he applied warm soothing oils , over my spine and eventually teasingly and slowly getting closer to my bum. I could feel my cock getting hard and throbbing, it was so exciting !. Thoughts churned over in my mind as I wondered how I would explain my hard wet cock when he asked me to turn over to do the other side  . He now started massaging me on the backs of my calves ,My feet were lifted up  and then gradually moved to my  feet . He gently started to  glide his finger through my toes ever so slowly ,between  each toe  and then licked slowly between each toe  and sucked my toes ever so gently , not biting  at all, OMG my cock was twitching and throbbing like crazy, i was panting and shaking a little  I was almost going to cum I thought . then he  moved towards my thighs . It was exquisite as his hands glided  between  my balls and thighs , I raised  my bum a little as his hands caressed my underbelly, my body was quivering again and I was panting with eye rolling pleasure  , and by this time of course  I could feel lots of pre cum leaking through my pants  on to his massage table that had towels on it . In my mind I was thinking about so much of it leaking and would be seen when I turn over but regardless how shy I was in so much pleasure I did not care. I was in a totally different world. I was shaking with pleasure , my head was turning left and right my body was twisting it was so lovely.

My cock was rock hard. This was about total of 30 mins in to the whole thing and he now said “would you like to turn over “

I casually tuned over leaving what for some would be a full load of pre cum dripped on he towel but I was so relaxed and zoned out and relaxed with pleasure I could barley  move  it was a struggle to  rotate over after laying flat down for so long. I wriggled over like an old man might , very slowly and he could see clearly  see my rock hard wet cock dripping with loads of pre cum. I was a little embarrassed but he continued as if nothing odd had occurred.  I was so excited and tingling all over . He now proceeded to pull my arms above my head . Kind of like stretching me. It felt good and relaxing, but very kinky to me like I was being stretched and a feeling of submission to him . Kind of  like I was a prisoner in some dungeon was in my imagination . My cock got wetter , it poked out of my pants  quite a bit and throbbed like crazy as he pulled on my arms while he gripped my hands with his other hand . He placed  both  hands now above and  under my head so my arm pits were fully exposed and chest and nipples too  . Then he caressed  exposed forearms down to my chest and nipples , I shuddered with pleasure with each sensuous caress of my chest. My cock  twitched with each caress , I could feel the elastic of my pants caress my frenum  of my cock . For some reason I wanted to suck my thumb  like when I was a baby but i felt it might be a bit strange to do this . I think i really wanted to suck his cock but was embarrassed to ask in case he said no.

He placed my hands back down on the table . face down. I had my eyes closed but I took a peak every so often

He walked around the table to my waist area and started to caress my tummy in circles, I shuddered and my belly button pulled back and my chest lifted with each of his touches OMG I whispered  ..I was by now panting again and moaning with ecstatic pleasure as he very gently touched my frenum that was showing out of  my pants . my cock bounced up towards his finger , pressing and throbbing like it desperately wanted to climb out of my pants as  he rubbed, I could feel my pre cum squeezing out the tip. . He massaged my chest again lightly touching my nipples by running his fingers in circles around them was such a tease which sent shivers  of pleasure all over me  as he simultaneously  brushed his forearms on the tip  of my wet cock which was bouncing up and down like it was alive    . I arched my back in submission and exquisite pleasure. By this time he now had got all the signs he needed to finalise  it . To my amazement he now gently started pulled my underpants down to my ankles and removed them and of all things  he  started sucking my cock , 1t just the tip  and then ever so slowly deeper and deeper while lightly fingering outside of  my bum hole . OMG  I thought  ! I was not expecting this . I  struggled like crazy  to not  cum right away but after  about 10 full thrusts of his wet mouth and him deep throating my cock and caressing my chest  I  arched my back and said “I m going to cum , I cumming, Im cumming OMG Im cumming .In a few seconds  I felt that exquisite cramping sensation as you cum but many times more pleasurable and harder  than ever before , I could actually feel the semen sucking from my balls to my cock like a loaded gun  , I thought he was going to pull away his mouth at the last second to not get a mouthful but owh no ! he kept going and going , even deeper and harder  as I  started involuntary spurted  and pumped   all my load right in his mouth. My stomach muscles cramped so hard and tight I thought I was rupturing something it was so powerful. My toes were curling . I  could  not pull away as he went deeper .My hands gripping the side of the massage table as i knew I had to just let go and take it  . WOW !

He swallowed it all as I came . He kept very  gently thrusting and sucking to clean up every drop..He placed a towel over me as i was shaking  with pleasure  .  He  went to get a glass of water for me and let me calm down for a bit and mopped me down with a towel . Then washed my cock with warm water . It was quite a nurturing experience being washed. I just lay there for a while coming to terms with what had just occurred. WOW !  WOW I thought .

I was floating and quite shocked, surprised , amazed . I paid him before we started so after a glass of water and a brief chat  I left and walked out with new eyes on the world. Everything seemed different. I was in a sort of trance and felt like I was floating home and quite sleepy like never before . The world looked different. How could I feel such volumes of pleasure like that , I had never experienced anything like it in my life and I was addicted from then on to this type of experience ! especially from him.

I continued to re visit him and he used to do this for me at half price  for a bit as I was not employed at the time plus I was cute as a button back then if I do say so myself.  I did not know it back then but I can see now from photos of myself  why he would give me such a discount. I enjoyed   struggling to not cum as he edged my cock to the point of no return he would stop and wait and then resume . He would keep me in a cum holding pattern  on the edge of cumming until the full hour /50 mins  . He liked that I was super sensitive and moaned with pleasure and he told me he most liked that I was expressive and showed him when he was turning me one, it turned him on no end  . plus he eventually told me he loved  my endless  sweet pre cum.

I never sucked his cock at all. I still found the whole thing a bit naughty and dirty but loved it done on me . Looking back I was a bit greedy , typical young dumb and full of cum .

Well all the emptying of my balls over the years changed my outlook on life. I realised I  was ok with a guy sucking  me off and probably maybe me doing it back to a guy one day but that’s for another story . I still would never tell anyone for years to  cum ! until I met my 1t B/F