How to make good money in your spare time doing what you do every day

If you enjoy sex in any way then why not share it with others. If you visit my website you will see what I mean. ( Note if you go there its Adult so it asks you to acknowledge your over 21 )

Now ,you could start you own website like I did, or if you don’t want to go to all that bother initially then why not just work for me or advertise on my website . I can find you the customers and I take a fee . you must live in the uk. Ideal is Bournemouth  and at present I am only taking on staff who live in the south area . You would be mobile and have your own transport and you must be reliable on the hours you have said you can be available, otherwise when a customer calls up and I book you in it would be quite annoying to have to let a customer down when you get back to me saying you cannot work because “something has come up or whatever the BS excuse is”

If you are looking for a way to earn money in your spare time but think its a pipe dream and needs lots of money then your so wrong. You do not have to have sex with customers.  Of course you can and  it is  your choice of what your limits are. You can just do sensual massage but the more you offer, the more you get paid .EG  if your only ok with being touched a bit then you get paid a lower rate and more likely less customers but you will still do  ok if your young and hot . If your willing to do more you get paid more, it;s that simple ! and if your young and hot even more so.

So clearly what helps is if your young or if not you have a good body or if  older you have have a great  body . Do not imagine that your idea of a hot body is the same as everyone’s, some like hairy some like smooth . You might think just like I did your just  ok but to others you might be their dream guy to be able to just cuddle with. Buff  gym guys or slim cute twinks are always popular of course.However even I get turned down sometimes because I am not hairy enough