After quite happily being single for a while I decided to follow a desire that I’d had as long as I can remember but never done anything about.

I’ve had some great straight relationships but I’ve always wanted to be with a guy. I’ve never liked the idea of going to find someone in a gay bar. I thought that it would be better to just have an experience with a bi guy, maybe someone that had a girlfriend but wanted a bit on the side.

I made up my mind and put the ad on an internet site asking for “first time bi experience”.

Almost straight away I was receiving replies but I found there were a lot of either timewasters or just guys that I didn’t like.

Then after about a week I got a message from a guy that was in a straight relationship.

David was 42, so a couple of years older than myself, 6 ft tall so just slightly taller than me and was fit and muscular. Like me he had a shaved head and his face was clean shaven like mine.

The photo he sent was full nude and showed his cock, shaved and hanging in a soft but somewhat slightly aroused state. It seemed quite long considering he wasn’t hard.

I started to get a little exited as I thought about him and his cock and if this was the guy I would have my first bi experience with.

His girlfriend knew about the fact that he’d had been with an old friend of his when he was a lot younger but it was in the past and that was where it stayed. According to her he was straight now.

I replied to his message and sent my best nude shot back to him.  Pressing “send” I felt really quite exited. I wondered if anything would actually happen after all this time thinking about this fantasy.

All day I couldn’t help myself, checking my inbox to see if he’d replied. That evening finally he had. His e mail said that he liked my photo and wanted to meet. He left his number and said to get in touch.

It was about 7pm and thought about if I was being over keen here. No time like the present so I made the call.

“Hi David, it’s Stuart here. From the dating site. Is it ok to talk?”

“Oh , hi Stuart, yeah it’s fine I’m just on the way home after some overtime”

“I wondered when you’d like to meet?”

“Wow, mate you’re keen!” David replied, “ I only sent that e mail a couple of hours ago.

“Sorry david, I just thought, no time like the present”

“Hey, no problem Stuart, nice to hear from you. Well, actually we could meet right now if you like. I’m close to your area. What do you think?”

Nervously I replied “yeah , sounds great. Where?”

“by the statue in the main square in town ?” asked David.

“Mmm, yeah , sure . in 30 mins , ok ?”

“Sounds good to me, see you then”

With that he hung up. I felt butterflies instantly.

I got washed and changed into something smart casual and left to meet David.

Approaching the statue in the square I could see that David had already arrived. Wow! I thought, he’s better in the flesh.

We exchanged hellos and shook hands, chatted for a few minutes and then David asked me if we could go back to my place.

I looked straight at him and found myself quite calmly saying “sure!”.

I had no previous intension of doing anything with him that evening but it just seemed right. He seemed right.

We got to my place and i asked if he’s like a drink.

“not , really!” he replied. “a kiss would be nice though”

I smiled, surprised at how forward and sure of himself he was.

With that he leaned in and kissed me. his warm musky breath on my face. instantly I felt my cock pulsate. I was so overwhelmed with the fact that my fantasy was finally becoming reality.

David’s lips felt wonderful as he gently kissed me. I was captivated. I have no idea how long we were there in the hall lost in each other. He stopped kissing me suddenly and pulled away slowly, looking into my eyes. “where’s your bedroom?” he said.

With that I smiled and told him to follow me. we entered my bedroom and David immediately started stripping. He obviously wasn’t shy about his body and why should he be, standing there totally naked while I was still clothed I looked him up and down and was so taken back by how in shape he was. His broad shoulders and muscular chest, his awesome six pack going down to his now quite aroused shaven cock which was a lot bigger than the photo he sent me. his legs were so muscular too.

I undressed and came closer to David, not quite touching , wanting to savour that first initial moment when our naked flesh would touch. We looked into each others eyes and our lips met again. we kissed and held each others naked body. I could feel his now very hard penis against my body as mine was against his. His arms were round me and stroking me and holding me and caressing my buttocks, squeezing my arse. He seemed to really enjoy caressing my butt cheeks and also was running a finger up between my cheeks and past my hole.

We moved to the bed which was just a few steps away. Laying there together, holding each other, cuddling each other, kissing each other was such an amazing feeling. I was so turned on by him, his body, his smell, how tactile he was.

However soft and gentle David was it didn’t stop the fact that I felt he was in charge. Just the way he spoke to me, touched me and kissed me told me that he was top and it was such a turn on.

Then he lay back and just came out with this command “suck my cock Stuart!”

I didn’t really need for him to say that as all I’d been thinking about was sucking him off but it felt a kind of a turn on the way he said it.

Him laying there so unbelievably fit and sexy I had to stop for a moment and take it all in. It was all going so fast. I couldn’t believe that I was here, he was here, this Adonis on my bed , naked with the most beautiful body and the most beautiful cock which I was about to suck.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Absolutely nothing at all. Really , I’m just taking it all in. I want to just enjoy every moment of this.” I replied.

He smiled and gave out a bit of a giggle and said “ well, to be honest I feel the same. you’re awesome and I hope this isn’t a one time thing”

We looked at each other and I shook my head. “ no way! Not for me” I replied.

Pulling back a bit I took in the spectacle of his body. And then I leaned in and kissed his muscular chest, ever so gently sucking his nipples. Moving down , kissing his awesome abs. His cock was so large that half way down his abs I was faced with his bell end, purple and full. Slowly, gently I kissed it. pre-cum had already started to emerge from it’s end which I tentatively tasted. It felt slightly salty. The smell of his penis was intoxicating. I was so aroused, my cock felt almost painful from how hard it was.

I opened my mouth and lowered my head down to let his engorged shaft enter my mouth. Feeling his bulbous bell end pass by my lips and into my mouth followed by the rest of his massive perfectly shaved cock was incredible. Taking him in and out of my mouth slowly and then gently putting my thumb and forefinger round his balls seemed to get moans of appreciation from him.

“oh fuck yeah!” or “oh that’s goooood!” were just some of his expressions of how much he seemed to be enjoying it.

Considering this was my first cock I thought I was doing well from the “feedback” but really I was just doing what I wanted to do. I actually felt I was enjoying as much as he was. My cock was itself, about to explode from no actual stimulation. Purely from being with this incredibly sexy guy and having his wonderful cock in my mouth.

Up and down my head went on his cock, his hands now on the back of my head, not pushing very much at all but giving me the feeling that he was in control.

“Fuck I’m close!” came David’s next words.

I began to suck him slower and with less suction. It didn’t matter he was going to come, and hard. David’s body began to tremble and the pressure from his hands on the back of my head increased. I resisted the force of his cock going further to the back of my throat as I wanted to really taste him as he came.

Then in thick spurts, he began to shoot his warm creamy load all over my tongue and to the back of my mouth. I couldn’t take any more of his load so I had to swallow but the spunk kept coming so within seconds I had another mouthful. I gave David a last cleanup suck and then savoured the creamy cum that I had in my mouth and swallowed.

My cock was at bursting point but I felt so happy. I lay with my head on David’s chest and cuddled into him.

“Wow, that was fucking awesome!” he commented.

“It totally fucking was” I replied.

“But you didn’t cum yet” said David

“I wasn’t far off while I was sucking you off” I replied. “I probably enjoyed it as much as you did” I said.

“I doubt that” replied David and with that he lent forward and took my aching hard cock into his mouth. Within no time at all I’m shaking and pushing my cock into his mouth further as I came and filled his mouth with my load as he did with me minutes earlier.

Totally spent and content I look at him as he swallows his mouthful of my cum.

We cuddle for some minutes before he says in what sounds like a reluctant voice. “I really have to get back to my girlfriend. She’ll be wondering where I am.”

“Sure, David, I understand.”

We both get dressed and I see him to the door.

We kiss and I say to him “I hope to see you again!”

“you can count on it!” he replied.

And then he was gone.

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