Male sensual soothing erotic Massage with 4 years experience . Based  in  

Bournemouth Boscombe by Ross 

available  9am to 9pm

From £25  – 30 mins or £40 hr weekdays price 9am to 5pm  

fees above are for weekdays daytime 9 to 5pm only. 

               Weekday evenings after 5pm are extra £10 .

                                                          EG a Saturday or sunday 9am to 9pm  is £60 per hour at anytime.

I cater for all ages from 18 to 99 & straight bi , gay trans.

Please note: I do NOT offer full  escort Sexual penetration experience.I am not interested in offering it.  You need to look for  others online offering  that for around £100 to £250. I do sensual massage including oral both ways  and happy ending. I am ok  with a little arse play for you  with my hands and fingers. Nothing inside with my cock or yours  at all.  Also I do NOT oragsam with customers unless you ask and its and extra fee of £10.

I offer  Tickle or caress  tease service  or  edging service  Example click here   ( same price ), have your  body slowly sensually caressed, feel yourself get inexorably aroused and eventually surrender to the sexual pleasure wash all over your tingling body and mind.  It’s a method that brings  you up to the very edge of oragsm  then back  to rest recover ,then repeat  several times feeling  the excitement of having eventually to surrender to  loosing control of yourself  as rippling  orgasam floods you! feel that lovely shuddering WOW ! experience.  

 You don’t have to be gay to enjoy a sensual massage from a male  and often its better value for money than many females offer plus its not rushed. Its obvious men more often know what  men enjoy simply because they have played with themselves over many years. Also  females tend to know what they enjoy for same reasons. 

 I also have a LCD screen for you to enjoy watching porn of your choice while laying face down. Porn can be  straight or gay or you can send me a link of your favorite films if you like.

See  my  many customer reviews( lots of detail )  Click here !


 Tel 07478 653831  Sms/call/whatsApp . Best result TXT me since I am likely to  be busy.

NOTE : My Sim Network Blocks all
 withheld numbers ! You will just end up in my voicemail at best, which I hardly ever check.

I now offer my  Time waster / BLOCKED list of numbers  out to other approved  workers in this business to assist in keeping this behaviour to a minimum. I have 100s over the many years. So messing me around just blocks you from calling others.




Me Ross
My Massage room

I now take credit/debit cards  discreetly shown on your statement  as  GMBTH

–Most any Debit or credit  card inc Apple pay 



Male to Male naturist Nude (M2M) sensual massage service, gay, straight, bi and couples. If you enjoy Tatric slow edging like this then I specialize  in this  . example here  click this link..

Or click image below

Click to watch example clip

Prices & working hours

9am till 9pm every week day
I can do weekends but you must book in advance for this. 

I no longer take Adhock appointments on the day for the weekend. Must book in advance. 

My prices are flat rate for my
time so no need to worry about extras,
as long as within my limits,see END of this  page for info ( Questions / Answers )

Prices 9am to 5pm Weekdays

After 5pm its extra £10


Incalls (visiting my place) 

30 mins in call =£30 

60 mins in call=£40  

90 mins in call =£60

Weekends add extra £20 per hour

Out calls I charge just  £10 extra within 5 miles . extra miles = £1 per mile

The above prices apply to myself only 

See my other guys/assistants and prices at bottom of this page

NOTE: its best to text me !

Please avoid voicemail as i rarely pick these up.Also email is a bit slower for me to respond to.

parking gay massage
Tap images above to take you Goole Street View showing Pay display parking in Hawkwood Rd , its just 2 mins walk to my place. Below is a map snapshot. I am in Westby Road. Just one road away.
  • Oral Fun CIM, my mouth
  • Body To Body, kissing if you like , just ask me. Im not a mind reader 
  • Happy Ending, of course 
  • Sensual Cock Stroking , (thats slow teasing Edging Tantric)
  • Naturist, we are both naked
  • Shower avail before and after with soap and  Clean Towels Etc,
  • NOTE No Anal penetration or  Rimming ,other than toys/strap-ons  / Dildos are ok
  • if you want fingers or toys used, Please  water   Douche  inside OK!

       Type of Massage 

This male full body naked sensual erotic massage! It is also created to soothe tired muscles, improve circulation, and promote ultimate relaxation. It is suited to straight men just as much as bi or bi curious  /i have porn  you can watch very comfortably while your being massage be it straight or gay porn..Guaranteed to feel totally refreshed and re-energised with all the tensions and stresses being melt away. The treatment gives full attention to  ALL parts of your body. I will massage and stimulate you from head to toe, with extra soothing and sensitive stroking movements. I am in complete control, and you can only surrender to this stimulating touch. The final result of all of this extra sensory stimulation is leaving you feeling relieved and fully released stress-free, and with a sense of ultimate well-being .

Please take your time to read the reviews ( yes they are all genuine as I have international travellers who say I am one of the very best they ever  had  )  . I can offer 4 handed for 1 hour = £110 with a young 27 yr old  guy, very slim just like me  (NOTE: assistants  needs at least  1  days notice in advance ,Ideal is several days booking  since they are freelance. He normally charges way more for his 4 way so you get a great deal visiting my place.   

And yes I do oral both ways is fine  !, slow teasing  and explosive ending  ! Just ensure your washed clean especially if you have foreskin.  soap up your cock and your bum hole up to  3 times. Your welcome to shower at my place, But please douche inside  arse  at your own place if you want me to use dildos/ toys on you.  

prostrate massage
Prostate Massage( Just ask)
call male massage bournemouth
deep oral service
Deep oral Funny huh !

All inclusive naked  Sensual massage with  explosive ending  £50 / hr .

About the massage

1st to mention is Hygiene is important – and I ask that all clients be clean and fresh.(You can have me shower wash/ lather  you up Body to body  at no extra charge other than the time it uses up )  I  reserve the right to refuse any services if you are not super clean, especially your bum, so  soap it up lots please and you will get the best from me   . You’re welcome to a shower beforehand! I am OK for you to touch me, but I am not seeking an orgasm. Sorry, but I only have so much love juice spare lol !. Plus, I like to stay horny.

I enjoy intimate slow tantric-style massage and edging a guy ( keep you on the edge of orgasm. Body to body  can be likened to being made love to. It is why so many guys cum back!

I combine use of HOT oils and sensual caressing of your body, while gently stroking and teasing your most erogenous sexual centres. This can include an exquisite very gentle slow-teasing  massage while your cock is slowly sucked and balls teased. This will all gradually heighten and enliven your whole body. Over this period, it builds up to an amazing tingling that is exquisite which culminates in a final and wondrous orgasmic explosive relief – after which you will sleep well, for sure!

Still in doubt  clcik here >>> Read reviews! Note: Don’t forget to review me as this helps others and me. You do not have to give a genuine e-mail address. For example, you could enter a bogus one and it is hidden anyway – it is only shown to me, so rest assured that only the review shows on my web page.

Here is just one  review from Simon: “Dear Ross, it was good to meet you today. The massage you gave me was everything you promised on your website and more, a lot more. It was the most remarkable…”

Massage by Ross

Below is sensual massage clip  of a customer (who asked to be filmed of course)

NOTE: All  video or photos on my site of clients  have been  specifically requested  to be filmed by the clients . there are no hidden cameras  . If you want this done then please let me know so I can charge up my camera  .

All you straight/curious  guys, go on  give it a go, you don’t have to do anything , If you want, you can  have a blindfold / flight mask , it can help you relax and drift off into your  fantasy of  you  own, this also enhances the anticipation of my touch and caresses . I also play some great porn Gay or straight stuff, or just relaxing music while you’re having a massage in a cozy darkened  room . It is entirely up to you on the day. You are welcome to text or to e-mail me with detail about your preferences so you get the best experience , but please, no phone sex or sex email chat, i will block sex chatters . E-mail me with likes and dislikes etc. This way you get the very best experience.NOTE: its  Best to txt me  ,please avoid voicemail as i rarely pick these up.

I would like you to enjoy the experience the first time around.
Those who enjoy the more sensual slower inc body to body caressing style of massage, and like rhythmic strokes on their cock and balls at the same time, you will enjoy it very much. I have included a fraction of reviews from previous clients.

You may find that you have to just lay there for five minutes to recover from the super-relaxing empty feeling which places you in a state of blissful euphoria.

Then at the end you can  have a nice warm cozy shower right after, so your all clean and fresh . Your welcome to  bring your own shampoo or use my ones.

Massage  by Ross


Inhouse Assistant  RICK

Rick 27

Here  is my assistant Rick . He is age 27 . Great at sensual massage , big load , big cock and great oral skills . he is freelancer so he visits for a booking date and does NOT reside/ live here like myself.

he is student studying massage at college in the   mornings and evenings, and is ONLY available around midday 12:30  start.  No later than  2:30 pm start since  he has to get back to college by 4pm  . Best to book at least several day in advance.

He also allows body to body naked intimacy .  Some oral, but no penetrative  sex . 

Prices for him are £70  / hr on his own or £110 hr for both me and him if you fancy 3 way fun/ More hands on dick !

 Videos shown on my site were requested by  customers).

Note:  I do NOT record anything unless you ask me to. In addition its takes me extra time to setup the tripod etc.
If you want anything recorded or photos taken you will have full access to the  media . I do not keep it unless you ask.
Or, bring your phone or camera  if you want and I can use that.

Below are my Blogs - Have a read

Popular questions and Answers

  • Do you offer happy ending all inclusive ? YES ! 
  • Do I allow touching?  YES ! Body to body too lots of yanking my cock or balls ok 
  • Do I do fucking/anal with my  cock  ?  NO but I have Dildo / strap-on’s.  /i don’t take or do anal. If you want that then look elsewhere online they are between £100 to £250
  • Will I finger your bum hole  ? yes  but be spotlessly clean , cock and especially your  arse inside , I offer free shower at my place so no excuses ! . I prefer you shower at my place ! clean yourself 3 times with lots of soap , right up the hole please , rinse/ soap  3 times. if you want me to get close up to this area then make it so clean i could eat my dinner off it. haha 
  • Do you  allow a guy to cum in your  mouth?   Owh yes . nice and deep. I love it. gulp gulp  !
  • Do you do golden shower stuff, yes that’s fine both ways but in my shower only.
  • Can I suck your cock , of course you can but no teeth please it makes me go soft feeling teeth.
  • Will  you  cum / orgasm  ? , not often since  It keeps me horny going without. I can do . depends on my mood , just ask its £10 extra as it depletes me of sex drive.
  • Do you charge for the extras ? Mostly NO , its all inclusive. but no anal with my cock  or rimming. 
  • Do I  kiss ? yes but gently ,. Clean smelling breath helps so brush your teeth please or use mouth wash. I have some for you if you need it.
  • Do I use unscented oils?yes ! its scent free fractionated Coconut oil 
  • Do I take card payments ? YES  , most every common card around inc Apple pay . I can even  take paypal if you have an account.
  • Do I give discounts if you beg or ask me ?  . NO its not a car boot sale LOL !!. The prices are as shown. 
  • Do you get tested for STDs . Yes monthly all my life but never had anything ever.
Need accommodation in Bournemouth?  10 mins  walking  distance to  my place ? Try Hamilton Hall. 

Please Quote 

Gaymassagebournemouth when book, I get a free travel  mug for every recommendation lol  

CLICK HERE>>>>    Gay Friendly Hotel Bournemouth

TripAdvisor 5 star review here ….

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